Monday, April 19, 2010

The suspense is KILLING us...

...And has turned many of us into stalkers!

I'm talking about those of us "Sprague-mates" who entered the Creative Team call :)  Actually, I think even some who didn't enter are stalking the site today as well!  Jes had told us that the list of "chosen ones" would be posted today - Monday, April 19th - but as yet (8:52 am Alaska time), there has been no notice.

Actually, it's not surprising, really - I mean, with soooo many creative LOs and talented entrants, I know choosing just 20 out of the 100+ who entered has got to be difficult.  But still... it's really difficult to WAIT, too!

And even though I do hope to be one of those blessed to be chosen, I will still be excited and happy for those who DO become CT members even if I am not one of them.  Truly!

Thanks for hanging in there with me -- I'll be back later to let you know who made it :)

~ klb

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