Sunday, November 1, 2009

Anybody Miss Me?

Many of you probably know, but for those who don't - our first granddaughter was born on Sept 7, 2009! Her name is Amelia Ann; she was born @ 5:58 pm, weighed in @ 6 lbs 10 oz and was 19.75 inches long :) Her parents are our son, Matthew and his wife, Sarah. We are just thrilled with our little "Mia" and are blessed beyond measure!

Credits --
Paper: Joanne Brisebiose (
Butterfly stamps: my own design
Fonts: Tempus Sans ("Welcome...") & Angelic War ("Amelia Ann")
Acrylic Frame: Michelle Coleman(
Photo: Amelia at one day old, taken by me

Amelia's 1st layout

Credits --
Templates: Jessica Sprague (Beautiful Evidence class)
Papers: Jen Wilson Designs (Precious Pink Collection)
Flowers: Corina (Funky Playground Design)
Brush: Damned Hearts by Rafay
Fonts: AdineKirnberg & Landsdowne

She has her grampa wrapped around her little finger - he is so totally smitten by her!
Credits --
Template: Valorie Brown (Funky Playground Design)
Papers: Jessica Sprague (Beautiful Evidence kit)
Word Art: Ali Edwards (Designer Digitals)
Safety Pins: Katie Pertiet (Designer Digitals)

"Millie" is our daughter Jenni's nickname for Amelia. Jen took this shot on one of Millie's overnight visits.
Credits --
Papers, Lace, Flowers & Button: Zoe Pearn
Beautiful Dreamer tag: Kristin Cronin-Barrow
Hanging Tag: Katie Pertiet
Font: CK_Ali's_Handwwriting

I took these pics of Amelia while out shopping at the Anchorage 5th Avenue Mall with Daddie & Auntie Jenni. The photo in the middle was taken while she was in the middle of stretching :)
Credits --
Frames: Katie Pertiet
Paper & Word Art: Nicole Seitler
Colored tiles & Butterfly: Monica Guerra

This is one of my favorite photos of Mia and me together; it was taken by her Mama, Sarah, when they came to visit us at the office one day.
Credits --
Font: CK_Ali's_Handwriting
Flower: Corina
Journaling --
"Dear Amelia,
When I first learned you were on your way into our family, I was apprehensively thrilled.You see, your Mama had already been pregnant for a few months before you were conceived... sadly, she lost that baby, but you were already on your way and growing without any of us even knowing it. And once we were aware, there were many people praying for you and for your Mama and Daddie during your gestation.
We prayed that you would be a full-term, healthy baby and that your Mama & Daddie would be blessed with GOD's perfect will...
Now that you have been here for nearly a month, we are overjoyed that GOD answered our prayers - you are perfect in every way, Precious Girl...
Always remember that you were chosen by GOD, Amelia Ann - chosen for a family who loves you & cherishes you!
Love you forever, my Little Mia
-- gammy kimmie
Oct 4, 2009"

I took these photos Oct 25, 2009. Mia had spent the previous night with us and we took her to church the next day. While we were there, a few different people - men and women, both - came up and remarked about how beautiful she is... Some even prayed over her and my dear friend Rhonda and her husband Bill, each held her for a few minutes. Later on at home, Rog had Mia in his lap for quite awhile and they both slept off and on during the afternoon :)
Credits --
Template: my own, inspired by designs by Nicole Maki & Janna Wilson (Scrapbooks Etc. magazine, October 2008 issue, pg 10)
Papers: Jen Wilson Designs (background, stripe, brown dotted, journaling) & Madame Wing (circle)
Ribbon: Nicole Seitler (
Buttons: my own
Journaling Strips: my own
Fonts: CK Inky (verse & journaling), Beyond Wonderland ("Lord," "peace"), Papyrus (Scripture reference) & Alfredo Heavy ("AMELIA")

That's all the LOs for now! I have a few dozen more to post eventually, but it's getting late and my eyes are sleepy...
~ klb

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Some new Layouts for you...

"52 Blessings"
Made this LO using a self-portrait resulting from a practice session of Jessica Sprague's "Photo Editing - Good-to-Great Workflow" class. Turned original photo to B&W, then added tint and cropped (lessons 2-4). Not too shabby -- I've always looked good in blue ;)
Paper: Jen Wilson Designs
Flourish: Anna Aspnes
Stamped Block: Katie Pertiet
Luxe Overlay: Traci Murphy Designs
Buttons: Miss Tiina
Fonts: Stamp Act (52), Century Gothic
Words in oval done with

"Saturday Wildlife"
Did this for a "chat challenge" at the Designer Digitals website. The challenge was to use the kit contents of the designer we were chatting with. The kit consisted of the background paper, red striped paper and paperclip. All the other elements were from different designers. Photos taken by me.
Papers: Lynn Grieveson
Triple Photo mat: Katie Pertiet
Overlays: Katie Pertiet
Sunflakes: Danielle Donaldson
Tag: Jen Wilson Designs
Glitter Flourishes: Iliella
Font: CK Ali's Handwriting

"Lovliness and Laughter"
12x12 all-digi LO featuring a pre-wedding photo edited from color to sepia and blended with two texture overlays.
Editing Program: Photoshop Elements 6
Paper: Carola Mondini
Brushes: Kaffaleen
Overlays: "Stamped Block 5" - Katie Pertiet; Flickr texture - Ishkamina
Poem: Ruth Bell Graham, found at Two Peas in a Bucket
Fonts: Century Gothic and Mistral

Feautres photos from the wedding I shot in Colorado last month.
Template: LindSan
Papers: Katie Pertiet (black), Anna Aspnes (white), Jen Wilson Designs (background), Miss Tiina (heart paper)
Alpha: Alice Koh Designs
"Kiss" Stamp: Miss Tiina
Stitching: Katie Pertiet
Font: Century Gothic (title, date and journaling)

~ klb

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Recent Digital Layouts

Sorry I haven't posted lately - been busy and just not making time to update my blogs... Here are my three most recent LOs. The first and second were done for a "quick page exchange" at Creative Dreams ( Credits follow each layout.

"With This Ring"
The main photo is one I took at the wedding I shot this past weekend. I changed the original to B&W, added another photo to it (floral arrangement) and blended it in, the blended in a texture overlay. I also added a white sanded overlay to the tissue paper (behind the word art). All other elements and papers are from one kit (listed below), but the tissue paper, photo corners and ribbon borders were re-colored and the opacity was lowered on the tissue paper and photo corners. The bride's wedding colors were red, black and white.

Credits --
Papers, stamped frame, ribbon borders, photo corners, photo turns and word art from the "Cherry Cheesecake Kit" from Creative Dreams.
Texture overlay by rephotography (found at Flickr)
Font (on photo): Mistral

"Gramma Mary"
This is also for the "quick-page exchange." Photo is of my maternal grandmother when she was about 18 years old (mid-1930s). Page design is my own.

Credits --
All supplies from the "Cherry Cheesecake" kit by Creative Dreams
Fonts: Texas Hero (name), Papyrus (journaling), The King and Queen Font (tags)

"Kimmie @ 4"
This last LO was done for the "52 Week Challenge" at The challenge for this week (week 5) was to use a "visual triangle" on our LO (the three flowers). Photos are of me and were probably taken by one of my parents.
Credits --

Template (slightly altered): Ellie Lash
Papers: Lauraskathi, Jessica Sprague, Jen Wilson Designs, Joyful Heart Designs
Grunge Overlay: Katie Pertiet
Flowers: Patti Knox
Glass Hearts: Jen Wilson Designs
Brush: Grunge by Ila
Fonts: MA Sexy, Honey Script

TFL :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Feb 1 ~ "Snow"

Made this LO for a challenge at - the challenge was to use an equal number of words for the line they are on. For example: the first line has one word, the second line has two words, etc... I'm not thrilled with this LO, but am not sure why, exactly. The title, maybe?

Photos of Cully are ones I took today and the page design is my own.


Papers: Dana Zarling (re-colored)
Brush: Katie Pertiet
Snowflake (in title): Sherry Ferguson
Fonts: Abusive Pencil (title), Hiccups

~ klb

Sunday, February 1, 2009

"Always Loved"

Made this LO for weeks 3 & 4 in the "52 Week Challenge" group at The challenges were to use chipboard (wk 3) and the colors navy, yellow/gold, "dull" lime green and white.

Papers: Lauren Bratcher (navy); Grace bennett (green); Carola Mondini (yellow)
Chipboard: Jen Wilson Designs
Buttons: Crystal Wilkerson
Fonts: Abscissa (journaling); CK Ali's Hand (date on photo)
Page design is my own; photo is one I took 21+ years ago and is a copy of a 6 yr old scan, which is why the quality isn't great.'s one of my favorite photos of my son, which is why I used it anyway :) TFL.
~ klb

Friday, January 23, 2009

"Snow Buddies"

Made this page today for a template challenge at the Faith Sisters site (http://faithsisters .com). I took this photo of our middle children - Jen & J - 21 years ago... aren't they so cute ?! I altered the template just a bit, by lowering the center portion (papers, photo, journaling) - it had been directly in the center of the page, originally.

Credits --

Template: Crystal/aka DigiScrapalicious
Papers: Meredith Fenwick (red pattern); Carola Mondini (blue pattern); Claudi (background)
Snowflakes (altered with PSE filter): Meredith Fenwick
Snowman: Meredith Fenwick
Brush (used to burn papers' edges): Grunge by Ila
Fonts: Myriad Pro (journaling) and A Bite (title)

~ klb

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Aa Po"

Created this LO for the "52 Week Challenge" group at This week's challenge was to make a page using a pink flower with a brad.

The title of this LO is pronounced, "ahh-paw" and is Cantonese for "maternal grandmother." The photo is of my maternal great-grandmother, Ah-Li Ching. I'm not sure when the photo was taken, but I'm guessing sometime in the 1920s. My mother's heritage is rich with stories that I hope to one day share in a mini-album.

Template: LKB

Papers: Danielle Englebretson

Flowers: Ellie Lash

Brush: Grunge Ila

Word Art: Mary Ann Wise

Fonts: Chow Fun (title); Papyrus (journaling)

~ klb

Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Sweet, Sweet Baby"

Created this 12x12 all-digi LO for a new group I joined over at called "52 Week Challenge." This week's challenge was to do an orange-monochromatic layout. I had fun choosing my papers and embellishments for this project, but boy - it takes me just as long to assemble a digital LO as it used to do a paper one! For those of you who might think that digi-scrapping isn't "real" you are greatly mistaken! I have a son who feels this way - he says I'm "cheating" because it's all done on the computer - he obviously doesn't have a clue ;D

Papers: Anna Aspnes, Ana Reis, Jen Wilson, Kristin Cronin-Barrow, Zoe Pearn, SugarPlum Paperie, Trish Jones
Flowers: Claudi, Corina, Amanda Geils, Isyndra
Photo Mask: Anna Aspnes
Brush: GrungeBrushes by M Babic
Word Art: Mary Ann Wise
Hearts: Robin
Photo: me; this is my daughter, Jenni, when she was four months old (she'll be 25 next month!)
~ klb

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Genesis 1:14-18

"Genesis 1:14-18"
Had fun taking several shots of the moon tonight (Jan 12) and put together this LO to share the best of them. I don't know why I couldn't get my text any brighter than it is - sorry if it's hard to read... you can click on the photo to enlarge it.
*All photos taken from my computer desk at home, on the Fujifilm Finepix S6000fd camera, with fully extended lens (300mm equiv), in either shutter-priority or program mode.
Paper - Lauren Bratcher
Brush - Lady Victoire Foliage
Font - Century Gothic
~ klb

Friday, January 9, 2009

"Sweetness & Joy"

12x12 all-digital LO featuring photos I took of my aunt and uncle at my cousin's wedding reception in Oct 2008. I just love these pictures... they show the obvious love and adoration of "a match well made."

What makes these images even more precious, is that my sweet, beloved aunt passed away exactly six weeks later from complications of esophageal cancer. She was only 57 years old and was my "big sister" (I'm six years younger). She was always so full of energy, love and humor - boy, that girl could really crack us up! Towards the end, she lost her vitatlity, but never her sense of humor or positive outlook.

The best thing, is that she had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, so I know she is with Him now, along with her mother, my mother and father and other loved ones who have gone on before. And I will be reunited with her again in eternity :)

Credits below --

Papers: Tan - Lynn Grieveson; Floral & Teal - Jen Wilson
Heart : Lynn Grieveson
Fonts: Tekton Pro & Mallart Rubberstamp
Page Template: my own

~ klb

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"Cathedral Cookies" ~ A Recipe LO

Here's an 11x8.5 digital LO I created to showcase one of our family's favorite Christmas treats :) There are several "snick-snack" foods that *have* to be made or, in my sons' opinions, "it just isn't Christmas!" I plan to make a cookbook for each of the kids with pages like this for all the different foods.

Credits follow the LO --

Papers: Nancy Kubo (brown); Jen Wilson (floral)
Photo Frames: Katie Pertiet
Journaling Block: Katie Pertiet
Stitching & Rick-Rack: Nancy Kubo
Alphabet for title: Jen Wilson
Brads: Jen Wilson
Snowflake Rub-ons (recolored): Michelle Coleman
Fonts: Tempus Sans ITC; CK Ali's Handwriting

~ klb

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Catching Up...Again

Here a few of my 12x12 digital LOs that I've done since October. Along with these, I have also made three different 8x8 gift albums and am working on an 8x8 album for myself, featuring photos from every day of December 2008 (a challenge at I will post those here, once I am through with the December album.

"New Year's Moose"

Hubby and I began a tradition a few years ago where we go out to take photos on January 1st. We had hoped to get a nice sunset shot today, but it didn't work out. However, as we were driving around through south Anchorage to find a good "sunset-viewing" spot, we came across this moose munching along the side of the road. Actually, he's the second moose we spotted - saw a total of four - but this one gave us the best photos :)

LO Credits: Paper: Pattie Knox (blue), Lauraskathi (pattern); Branches: Madam Mim; Sequins (re-colored): Ruth Davis; Overlays: Anna Aspnes; Fonts: Texas Hero (title), Papyrus

Kari's Special Spraground Challenge

Not the greatest, but I kind of threw it together after reading the challenge... just happened to take the photo earlier that day!
LO Credits: Paper: Eressa Designs; Bling: Sequins - Ruth Davis, Hearts/Snowflakes - Anna Aspnes; Fonts: Tempus Sans ITC & MA Sexy

"Awkward...the LO"

Created a LO for a mini-challenge I made for the Photoa Day group at The reindeer sticker was not exactly the look I was going for, but this was the closest I could find to my original idea. If I were more learned in PSE, I'd have made my own embellishment, but not that talented yet!
LO Credits: Papers: Boyerville (blue); Lauraskathi (green); Meredith Fenwick (teal); Sonya Murphy (red); Katie Pertiet (yellow) Overlays: Katie Pertiet (snowflakes & stitches); Anna Aspnes (corner/frame) Reindeer Sticker: Sonya Murphy Fonts: Tempus Sans ITC & Stamp Act Jumbled; Page Design - my own

"Perfect Day"
12x12 digital LO, featuring photos I took today of our little dog, Cully, who LOVES being in the snow! We got about a half inch of new snow today and she dragged me outside half a dozen times, just to run around and play!
LO Credits: Papers: Jen Wilson Designs Brushes & Word Art: Katie Pertiet/Designer Digitals; Snowflake border: Katie Pertiet; Fonts: King & Queen Font (Cully), Happy Daze (snow dog), Requiem (date)

"Mr & Mrs"
Made this 12x12 LO for a sketch challenge at my yahoo group (Scrappin' Sisters). Features a photo I took at my cousin's wedding in October; I just love the groom's expression as he gazes at my cousin - you can just see the love on his face.
LO Credits: Paper - Jessica Sprague; Lliella Designs; Carola MondiniBrushes - Swirls by Kaffaleen (Brusheezy); Floral Clusters No. 2 by Katie Pertiet; Pearl Brads - Danielle Young; Fonts - Edwardian Script, Hello Sark, Jane Austen; Quote - unknown

"Scrapbook Retreat"
In October 2008, I attended a weekend scrapbook retreat with a dear friend and took quite a few photos. Okay - 107. Here are nine of them, including the photo blended into the background paper.
LO Credits: Template: Lindsay Jane Template 57; Paper: Jen Wilson Designs; Font: Arial

"My Everyday Life"
12x12 LO featuring photos of things I do {nearly} everyday.
LO Credits: Paper: Dana Zarling Tag: Jessica Sprague
~ klb