Sunday, November 1, 2009

Anybody Miss Me?

Many of you probably know, but for those who don't - our first granddaughter was born on Sept 7, 2009! Her name is Amelia Ann; she was born @ 5:58 pm, weighed in @ 6 lbs 10 oz and was 19.75 inches long :) Her parents are our son, Matthew and his wife, Sarah. We are just thrilled with our little "Mia" and are blessed beyond measure!

Credits --
Paper: Joanne Brisebiose (
Butterfly stamps: my own design
Fonts: Tempus Sans ("Welcome...") & Angelic War ("Amelia Ann")
Acrylic Frame: Michelle Coleman(
Photo: Amelia at one day old, taken by me

Amelia's 1st layout

Credits --
Templates: Jessica Sprague (Beautiful Evidence class)
Papers: Jen Wilson Designs (Precious Pink Collection)
Flowers: Corina (Funky Playground Design)
Brush: Damned Hearts by Rafay
Fonts: AdineKirnberg & Landsdowne

She has her grampa wrapped around her little finger - he is so totally smitten by her!
Credits --
Template: Valorie Brown (Funky Playground Design)
Papers: Jessica Sprague (Beautiful Evidence kit)
Word Art: Ali Edwards (Designer Digitals)
Safety Pins: Katie Pertiet (Designer Digitals)

"Millie" is our daughter Jenni's nickname for Amelia. Jen took this shot on one of Millie's overnight visits.
Credits --
Papers, Lace, Flowers & Button: Zoe Pearn
Beautiful Dreamer tag: Kristin Cronin-Barrow
Hanging Tag: Katie Pertiet
Font: CK_Ali's_Handwwriting

I took these pics of Amelia while out shopping at the Anchorage 5th Avenue Mall with Daddie & Auntie Jenni. The photo in the middle was taken while she was in the middle of stretching :)
Credits --
Frames: Katie Pertiet
Paper & Word Art: Nicole Seitler
Colored tiles & Butterfly: Monica Guerra

This is one of my favorite photos of Mia and me together; it was taken by her Mama, Sarah, when they came to visit us at the office one day.
Credits --
Font: CK_Ali's_Handwriting
Flower: Corina
Journaling --
"Dear Amelia,
When I first learned you were on your way into our family, I was apprehensively thrilled.You see, your Mama had already been pregnant for a few months before you were conceived... sadly, she lost that baby, but you were already on your way and growing without any of us even knowing it. And once we were aware, there were many people praying for you and for your Mama and Daddie during your gestation.
We prayed that you would be a full-term, healthy baby and that your Mama & Daddie would be blessed with GOD's perfect will...
Now that you have been here for nearly a month, we are overjoyed that GOD answered our prayers - you are perfect in every way, Precious Girl...
Always remember that you were chosen by GOD, Amelia Ann - chosen for a family who loves you & cherishes you!
Love you forever, my Little Mia
-- gammy kimmie
Oct 4, 2009"

I took these photos Oct 25, 2009. Mia had spent the previous night with us and we took her to church the next day. While we were there, a few different people - men and women, both - came up and remarked about how beautiful she is... Some even prayed over her and my dear friend Rhonda and her husband Bill, each held her for a few minutes. Later on at home, Rog had Mia in his lap for quite awhile and they both slept off and on during the afternoon :)
Credits --
Template: my own, inspired by designs by Nicole Maki & Janna Wilson (Scrapbooks Etc. magazine, October 2008 issue, pg 10)
Papers: Jen Wilson Designs (background, stripe, brown dotted, journaling) & Madame Wing (circle)
Ribbon: Nicole Seitler (
Buttons: my own
Journaling Strips: my own
Fonts: CK Inky (verse & journaling), Beyond Wonderland ("Lord," "peace"), Papyrus (Scripture reference) & Alfredo Heavy ("AMELIA")

That's all the LOs for now! I have a few dozen more to post eventually, but it's getting late and my eyes are sleepy...
~ klb