Wednesday, September 8, 2010

paislee press: Patisserie: sneak peek + a giveaway

paislee press: Patisserie: sneak peek + a giveaway: "I am really really really excited about this one. It's a collaboration with the one and only, the amazing Nicole Seitler of Sugarplum Pa..."

Sunday, September 5, 2010

2 New LOs

"Precious Amelia"

This LO was suggested by "Ann6" - a fellow "sprague-mate" from the Jessica Sprague website/community.  I was itching to make a new LO, but didn't know what I wanted my subject to be -- Ann asked me to make one based upon my avatar, which is the focal photo here in this LO.


Paper: my own design
Brush: Swirls by affaleen/
Glass Beads: Kitty Designs, "Freshilicious" /
Word Art: KittyDesigns, "MagicWords02" /
Fonts: Century Gothic (journaling) & CK_Ali's_Handwriting_Official

Photos taken July 6, 2010; journaling written Aug 30, 2010

"Kisses from a Unca"

I created this layout because of the amazing photo, which is one of my current favorites and was taken by me - I was holding Amelia with my left arm and took the pic with my right hand (I'm a lefty), w/o using view finder or the LCD screen! What's so amazing is that this image is "SOTC" -- straight out of the camera -- and other than minor spot-healing and using the sketch tenchique, nothing else was done to it (no cropping).  Also, I love the expression on Mia's face as her "Unca J" lays a smooch on her baby cheek :)


Photo Mask: Anna Aspnes, FotoBlendz No 7 -
Corner Brushes: Anna Aspnes, Hipster Plumes Korners N Edgers No 2 -
Edge Brushes: Nancie Rowe Janitz, NRJ_DDK - Jessica's BrushAbilities class
Fonts: iNked god (title); ParmaPetitOutline (caption)

~ klb

Friday, August 20, 2010

3rd LO?!

I had all three LOs and captions in my previous post, but this last image and the caption that went with it didn't show up for some reason...

Credits --

Paper: my own design

Borders: Andrea Victoria "adfree_111906"/Designer Digitals

Font: CK Curly

Photo: taken by me. My DD bakes cupcakes and this one is from a variety of 6 different kinds she made for a Father's Day celebration held at our church this year.

~ klb

3 New LOs to share...

This week's challenge @ is, "Embracing the Inner M" -- the rules are to use just a single photo, have some "white space" on the LO and one of the words in the title has to start with "M."  The following pages (all 12x12 digital) are shown in the order I made them.


Had fun "embracing my inner M" :) Hubby and I took a train trip last month up to Denali National Park to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I took this photo on the ride up from Anchorage.

Credits --
Photo mask: Anna Aspnes/Designer Digitals

Stitches: Katie Pertiet/Designer Digitals

Brushes: Unknown (Brusheezy, maybe?)

Fonts: Dali & Century Gothic


Our granddaughter's name is actually Amelia, but "Mia" is my own personal nickname for her :) I took this photo of Mia July 16; she was 10 months, 11 days old at the time (she'll be a year old on Sept 7).

Paper: my own design; lowered opacity to about 60%

Sketch Technique: by "Anita;" Homework #63 @

Hearts & Glitter: Kitty Designs "Loveable" kit/Oscraps

Fonts: CK Curly & Century Gothic


Credits --

Paper: my own design

Borders: Andrea Victoria "adfree_111906"/Designer Digitals

Font: CK Curly

Photo: taken by me. My DD bakes cupcakes and this one is from a variety of 6 different kinds she made for a Father's Day celebration held at our church this year.

~ klb

Friday, July 2, 2010

Spraground Weekly Challenge ~ July 2, 2010

This 12x12 digital LO is my entry for this week's challenge. We were to create a page using the colors purple (hex code #4d1842), green (#c7d35c), gray (#f0e5b0) & tan (#5d5656). We were also to make the title "creative" with the colors.  Mine isn't all that creative (just two separate layers in green and tan), but I like the way it turned out :)  The photo is one of dozens I took on June 30th in downtown Anchorage; I thought the color of these tulips went perfectly with the purple in the challenge!

Credits --

Template (altered slightly): "Template # 57" by Timounette (blog)

Brushes: Anna Aspnes (corner, borders)/Designer Digitals; Nancie Rowe Janitz (used with burn tool on green paper); Mouritsa (butterfly)/supplied in Brush*a*Bilities class; "Swirls by xO_Kaffaleen"/Brusheezy

Fonts: Beyond Wonderland ("garden"); Century Gothic (quote); CK_Ali's_Hand (on photo)

Quote found at Two Peas in a Bucket {dot} com (PeaSoup)

It might be hard to tell, but I used the tan color for the corner and border brushes (reduced opacity to 70%); for the butterflies; for the background layer of "garden" and for the quote.
~ klb

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Digi-scrap artist Nicole Seitler of Sugarplum Paperie is having a contest over at her FaceBook page!  There is a $20.00 gift card to her Sugarplum Shop going out to one lucky winner tomorrow, July 2, 2010 -- check it out and enter to win!


Friday, June 25, 2010

Flower Child

First layout I've created since Jessica Sprague's "7 Days in May" challenges nearly two months ago!  Summer activites have been keeping me busy and my mind just hasn't been very creative, lately.  Anyway - here a LO I put together in just one day --

Credits -

Template: Val C. Designs/Digital Scrap Cafe'
Papers: Crystal Wilkerson's "A Kit for Kate"/2 Peas in a Bucket
Lable: Crystal Wilkerson's "A Kit for Kate"/2 Peas in a Bucket
Fonts: Chick (title) and Century Gothic
Photos: taken by me, June 19, 2010

~ klb

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Playing Catch Up!

Oopsie -- I've gotten a little behind on posting recent layouts... In this entry, I'm sharing the second LO for the {i}NSD weekend challenges, along with two new LOs for the 2nd Annual "7 Days in May" at the Spraground, a week-long event that focuses on a new LO challenge each day.  I played along last year and some of the pages I made for that event are among my favorites :)

So first, here is my entry for the {in}NSD weekend -- this challenge was to do a page based on what the word, "Space" means to us.  Some folks made it about their personal scrapbooking spaces; a couple of pages were about children with the "space" of a missing tooth and others were about the "wide open spaces" of lakes, fields and prairies.  I chose to take a more cosmic, spiritual view...

Features a photo I took of Venus and Mars (and a billion stars!) last year.

Credits --
Font: Tekton Pro
Clipping Mask: my own design, using brushes by Anna Aspnes, Designer Digitals

Now - here is the little poster/announcement for the 7 Days in May event:

And here are my layouts from days 1 & 2 --

Challenge 1 was to use a large letter that was not part of the title or journaling; we also had to use only one photo and had to have stripes somewhere on the page.  Took this photo of myself holding the communion elements las Sunday at church - didn't have a specific plan in mind for it, but knew it would be useful for SOMEthing!

Credits --

Red paper: my own design
Striped paper: Jen Wilson Designs (Black Elegance & Annie's Laundry Line); I layered one on the other and reduced opacity
Stitching: Katie Pertiet, Designer Digitals (White Stitching)
Fonts: Rage ("C"); Century Gothic (Scripture verse); CK_Ali's_Hand_Official (caption and date)

Challenge 2 was to use this set of a digital frame and label, designed by the ever-inspiring LivE, part of the "leadership team" at the Spraground -

Shot this colorful little guy at a bakery on the Big Island in Feb 2010.

Credits --
Paper: my own design
Flowers: JSprague, FiestaMiniKit
Frame and lable: LivE, for this challenge
Staple: Crystal Wilkerson, A Kit for Kate
Fonts: Bird Cherry (caption); CK Ali's Hand Official (place, date)

Okay - that's all for now!  Blessings, everybody :)

~ klb

Friday, April 30, 2010

{i}NSD Challenge No. 1 - Today

{inter}National Scrapbook Day is officially on Saturday, May 1st but the festivities are starting a little early over at the Spraground! It began tonight (Apr 29) with a LO challenge by LiveE - creative brilliance extraordinaire :)  The challenge was based on a quote Liv has on the wall of her studio/guest room; it reads, "Every day holds the possibility of a miracle."

Here is an excerpt from Liv's post and the challenge requirements:

Our theme for our challenge today is... TODAY's miracles.

Here are our requirements (all must be satisfied):

1. take your camera and take a fresh new photo (one or as many as you want) within the next 24 hours. i truly believe that the extraordinary lies within every ordinary thing, if one only seeks well. so as you go through the next 24 hours, pay special attention to the little miracles that lie hidden in the ordinary everyday things, and record them with your camera.

2. create a layout using the photos you took.

3. your title should contain the words "today" and "miracle/s" (you can create any title, as long as those two words are in there). you may opt to journal a little or to journal a lot.

4. [b]pay attention, my dears, this is essential: set your timer to 1 hour before you sit down to create your layout.[b] work... nay, play... with gusto for the next 60 minutes. you need to complete your layout within 1 hour. only. don't worry, this doesn't include the time you spent taking photos or choosing what kit or items to work with on your layout. so make sure you've got your photo/s ready and your kit / papers / elements at hand before you turn the dial on the timer. (trust me, you'll LOVE it when you discover that you can actually scrap within an hour! i mean, think of the possibilities! lol )

So... I managed to fulfill all of the requirements except the 60-minute time frame part.  I was already partway through the assembly of my LO when I remembered I was supposed to set the timer -- but it probably wouldn't have made a difference, as I kept hopping up and down to do other things - laundry, putting clean sheets on the beds, taking the dog out, etc. 

Oh well.  Here's my LO --

I chose to use the theme of the challenge - "Today, Miracle" to show rebirth, which is represented in the budding and blooming of flowers and greenery throughout spring. I also chose to focus on spiritual "rebirth" through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Credits --

Purple & green papers: my own designs
Button Tag: Linda Roos, In the Making Design
Clipping Masks: Anna Aspnes, Designer Digitals, FotoBlendz 7
Fonts: Beyond Wonderland (Miracle); Garamond (text)
Photo: taken by me (4/29/10) & used a sketch technique by Anita (

~ klb

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wheeee! Come Play!

We're gonna have us a FUN weekend!  Y'all come now - ya heah!!

~ klb

Monday, April 26, 2010

New Class @ the Spraground!

"This Old Photo: Restoring Vintage Snapshots" is the newest class at and it began today (Monday, Apr 26). Because I live in Alaska, I get the lessons the night before those in the midwest and east coast do (and before those in other countries like the UK and Australia). Just one of the many perks of living where I do :)

So, Monday's lesson was about how to scan our vintage photos at the best possible size so the edits we make will go smoothly and look great. Tuesday's lesson is called "Global Restoration" and is about making some general edits that will apply to nearly every photo - straightening the scanned image if necessary and tweaking/adjusting the color, contrast and levels of lightness/darkness of the photo.

This is the result of using the global restoration technique on a scanned photo of my maternal grandmother. Really made a big difference, don't you think?!  This original photo was taken in the Phillipines sometime in 1947 or 48 when my grandmother was about 29 years old.

I can tell this is going to be a GREAT CLASS and look forward to all the neat tips and tricks we'll be learning in the next couple of weeks :)

~ klb

Homemade Paper (Digi-style)

So, my sis-in-law and I are planning to open our own digi-related website, with things to offer digi-scrappers.  I'm trying to come up with some ideas people might be interested in and designed this background paper over the weekend.  This sample is one of 7 pages in a set - all identical to this one, but in different colors.  I also made a set of the same papers, but without the text - just a grungey look.

What do you think?

~ klb

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Newest Layout...

This is the LO I made in response to my own challenge -- to make a page using the free mini-kit Jessica Sprague gave those of us who participated in her digital survey yesterday.

Photo is of my friend and sister-in-Christ, Kathy Neal, her son, Jason and me and my two oldest sons, Chris and Jamie.  Taken in May 1984, when Kathy and her family moved from Alaska to Washington state. The journaling is about how Kathy introduced me to Jesus Christ and how, because of her friendship, I asked Him into my heart 26 years ago (Apr 19, 1984).

Credits --
Papers & Embellishments: Jessica Sprague, InAWord kit
Border Die Cut: Katie Pertiet, Designer Digitals - Medium Wave
Brush:, Sampled Brush 80
Overlay: Anna Aspnes, Designer Digitals - FotoBlendz No 7
Fonts: Century Gothic, Beyond Wonderland (Divine), Gaggers (Friendship)
Photographer: unknown

~ klb

Monday, April 19, 2010

Took a survey sent by Jessica Sprague

All about digi-scrapbooking.  At the end of the survey, she blessed us with this sweet digital kit!  Now that the CT call is over for this year, and with the emotional tension of the past several hours (waiting for the winners list to be posted), I'm going to put my creative energy to work and make something cute with this new kit :)

Will be back later to share what I've made!

~ klb

CT Winners Announced!

And I wasn't one of them...

BUT, I congratulate all who did make the team and want to express how proud I am of all of us who even entered this call.  It took a lot of courage for many of us, to step out of our comfort zones and put our heart & soul out in public for all to see and judge.  In my estimation, we are all winners for that very reason! 

I learned a few things as a result of this experience -- first of all, my not making the CT in no way negates the Lord's gift of creativity He has placed in me. I still have talent; I am still creative and my work still blesses others and brings glory to His Name.  Second, we have an AMAZING lot of talented members at the Jessica Sprague site -- I was blown away by the beauty of design, color and journaling in the LOs that were submitted.  And the photos -- don't get me started :)

Finally, I discovered that I really do enjoy keeping up this creative blog and hope that I will continue to be as diligent, now that it is not a "requirement" I need to meet.  Even if no one reads my blog - and I know there are at least three of you who do! - just being able to share my joy when I create a LO brings me even more joy :)  Silly, huh?!

Anyway - I want to share the lovely post that accompanied the winner list at the JS site - along with the names of the winners -- CONGRATULATIONS, everyone -- Ya done good!

~ klb
Written by Kristen Creech

Monday, 19 April 2010 18:40

I am so excited to announce the winners of our Creative Team Search! I'm sure each of you that has perused the jaw-dropping entries in the gallery know choosing would be no small feat. I must confess, I'm rocking a huge migraine right now. I am not simply trying to be kind (you know, the way you tell a mother her baby is beautiful, but on the inside you are thinking, "not so much"). These layouts and projects are amazing. I'm getting a little choked up here, but I was just moved by all the talent we have here in our community.

Now you can feel free to skip ahead to see who the winners are, but I feel I need to share a story. It's a very personal one and it's not one I speak of very often. So be gentle with me here. I love to sing. Always have. But I've always been too shy to sing in public. When I was in high school, I wanted nothing more than to join the school's group of singers. (Imagine Glee and you'll just about have it). It took every ounce of gumption and courage I had to muster, to get on that stage before the judges and perform. I couldn't sleep the night before the results were posted. My heart was in my chest as I walked up to see the list of the singers who made it. And my sweet little name, I'm sad to say was not on the list. I was heartbroken. My mom had to come and get me at school (and I had to get a Frosty to drown my sorrows in). And I have not sung since (the shower and car excepted). What's my point? Why should I have stopped singing just because I didn't make the team? I loved it. What I didn't understand then was, just because I didn't make it, didn't mean I didn't have talent. There was a set number of slots available and they were looking for specific types of singers for the type of songs they performed. And in all honesty, as hard as that experience was, I would have regretted not auditioning.

With that in mind, I want each of you who submitted an entry to understand, we literally could have chosen over 50 team members. Your work is that good. But we too have limited slots available, and we looked for members whose style would best highlight and showcase the work and style of our designers. So please know, just cause you're not singing in our choir, doesn't mean you don't have mad talent. Cause let me tell you sisters, you do.

Now, may I have a drum roll... Please join me in congratulating our newest JS Creative Team Members:

•Heather Prins

Woo Hoo! Thank you to each of you for having the courage to submit. And to anyone that had their heart broken, let's go get a Frosty. My treat.

The suspense is KILLING us...

...And has turned many of us into stalkers!

I'm talking about those of us "Sprague-mates" who entered the Creative Team call :)  Actually, I think even some who didn't enter are stalking the site today as well!  Jes had told us that the list of "chosen ones" would be posted today - Monday, April 19th - but as yet (8:52 am Alaska time), there has been no notice.

Actually, it's not surprising, really - I mean, with soooo many creative LOs and talented entrants, I know choosing just 20 out of the 100+ who entered has got to be difficult.  But still... it's really difficult to WAIT, too!

And even though I do hope to be one of those blessed to be chosen, I will still be excited and happy for those who DO become CT members even if I am not one of them.  Truly!

Thanks for hanging in there with me -- I'll be back later to let you know who made it :)

~ klb

Saturday, April 17, 2010

CT Update & 2 New LOs

Well, the CT call @ JessicaSprague closed the night of the 15th.  There are 583 entries for the judges to view and they will go public with the list of 20 winners on Monday the 19th!  I would guesstimate there are close to 200 members who entered this call -- Can you just imagine how difficult this will be for the judges?!  Certainly glad I'm not one of them :)  There were some absolutely stunning and creative responses in the gallery and I think every one who entered deserves a special recognition of some sort... Personally, I'm rooting for ALL of us!

Here are two new LOs I created in the past couple of days -- enjoy :)

"...Long in Love"

This LO was created as a token of appreciation for my sister-in-law Linda's kind and generous spirit.

Credits -
Background: my own design using brushes on a gray workspace; adjusted opacity and used blending modes

Word art: also my own; quote found @

Photo technique: by "Anita" and found at

Photo mask: my own design, using brushes by Anna Aspnes

Brushes: Anna Aspnes - Hipster Plumes & Edgers 3 -; - Sampled Brush 37

Hearts: Kitty Designs - Freshlicious EP2 -

Fonts: MA Sexy, Tempus Sans ITC, Desyrel, Fiolex Girls, You Are Loved, Century Gothic, CK_Ali's_Hand_Official

Photo of Linda and her granddaughter Trina, taken by me in June 2008

"7 Ways"

This one is for the current weekely challenge @  The name of the challenge is "You ROCK!" and has to be about ourselves; we are to share at least five ways we each rock our individual corner of the world.  This was not easy for me to do, as I really don't see myself as having much to offer. Photography and digital creativity were the first and only things that came to mind. The other things listed here came from the prompting of the Holy Spirit...

Credits -

Fonts: Parma-Petit Normal (journaling); MailartRubberstamp; Retro Rockstar (ROCK)

Brush: Anna Aspnes, Designer Digitals - Hipster Plumes Corners & Edgers 2

Stick Pin: Pattie Knox, Designer Digitals - Pin Its

~ klb

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

CT Entries -- Finally!

Here are the three entries I've chosen for the Creative Team call at --

6x12 chipboard pages - Basic Grey
Journaling stamp - 7 Gypsies
Textured cardstock - Die Cuts with a View
Pattern paper - K and Company
Chipboard button - Bazzill
Buttons - WalMart

*Cropped photos, changed 2 to B&W
*Hand-done doodling, captions
*Cut cardstock to fit chipboard pages and adhered them
*Tore pattern paper and cardstock and inked edges
*Arranged and adhered buttons

Paper and Word Art - Nicole Seitler, Sugarplum Paperie/The Digi Chick (kits unknown)
Frames - Katie Pertiet, Designer Digitals - Stacked Photo Clusters No.2
Colored tiles and Butterfly - Monica Guerra Leiria, Studio Girls - O Joy and Aqua Tranquility kits, respectively
Font - CK Ali's Hand Official

*Cropped photos; hue/saturation adjustment; added diffuse glow filter
*Clipped photos into frame (mask technique)
*Placed "cherish" word art under photo cluster and duplicated layer to extend word art above photos
*Placed colored tile border behind photo cluster; reduced opacity to 27%
*Placed butterfly and added a shadow effect
*Used Text Tool for caption on photo frame and added shadow effect

"Happy Birthday, No. 1"

Paper - my own design using hex code 6c6c13 and blending in a grunge texture
Grunge Texture overlay - Pink Sherbet Photography,
Swirl Brush - Swirls by xo Kaffaleen,
Corner Brush - Nancie Rowe Janitz, Scrap Artist kits, NRJ_DDK_1, Stamping
Font - Century Gothic

*Flipped photo horizontally and resized to 5x7
*Changed photo to sepia
*Added grunge texture layer; soft light blending mode
*Increased brightness and contrast
*Merged layers and dropped onto 12x12 canvas
*Created background paper by selecting a shade of green (hex code 6c6c13)
*Added same grunge texture as I used on the photo; used overlay blending mode and reduced opacity to 70%
*Selected a shade of brown from the photo using color-picker (hex code 24180c)
*Added the corner brush around photo, changing orientation 3 times
*Added swirl brush around photo (again, changing orientation 3 times); changed color of swirl to off-white using color-picker and selected a light shade from the photo (hex code eee6df); reduced opacity to 65%
*Using text tool, created a text box around the photo area and typed in my journaling; also typed out the title, turned it 90 degrees and placed it on the photo
*Added a stroke/border around the journaling (8 px)
*Added shadow effect to photo, swirl brushes, journaling, title and stroke/border

TFL ~ klb

Friday, April 9, 2010

Newest LO of our Grandbaby...

Created this page today for the weekly challenge at  Photos were taken by me March 28, 2010 at our home. The word art was created at and uses the specific colors that were required for this challenge. The brush in the left corner was supplied by Jessica Sprague.

I keep changing my mind about which three images to select for my entry in the Creative Team Call at the Jessica Sprague site... Will try to come to a decision by Sunday!

~ klb

Monday, April 5, 2010

Checking in again!

Still haven't decided on which LOs to use for my CT submission yet, but I'm closer than I was... Am at the office right now, with no access to my EHD, so will have to post later.

Really, I'll share something soon!!

Thanks for your patience :)

-- klb

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Checking in...

Sorry for not posting any layouts yet, but I just can't decide which three to choose! Not because I'm such a great "arteest," but because it's difficult for me to see with a non-emotional eye.

I think I'm going to need some help...

I'll be back.

-- klb

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Well, Hello there!

I'm finally back here and am HOPING to stay current with this blog. Jessica Sprague has put out a call for new CT {Creative Team} members and one of the requirements is an active blog on which to share projects and information.

Even though I consider myself an intermediate digi-scrapper, I'm taking a leap of faith and will put in my submission. I realize that there are far more experienced artists out there who would bring a wonderful diversity to Jessica's creative team, but it can't hurt to try, right?


So, here we go!

I'll be back later to share the three LOs I've chosen for my entry...

-- klb