Friday, April 30, 2010

{i}NSD Challenge No. 1 - Today

{inter}National Scrapbook Day is officially on Saturday, May 1st but the festivities are starting a little early over at the Spraground! It began tonight (Apr 29) with a LO challenge by LiveE - creative brilliance extraordinaire :)  The challenge was based on a quote Liv has on the wall of her studio/guest room; it reads, "Every day holds the possibility of a miracle."

Here is an excerpt from Liv's post and the challenge requirements:

Our theme for our challenge today is... TODAY's miracles.

Here are our requirements (all must be satisfied):

1. take your camera and take a fresh new photo (one or as many as you want) within the next 24 hours. i truly believe that the extraordinary lies within every ordinary thing, if one only seeks well. so as you go through the next 24 hours, pay special attention to the little miracles that lie hidden in the ordinary everyday things, and record them with your camera.

2. create a layout using the photos you took.

3. your title should contain the words "today" and "miracle/s" (you can create any title, as long as those two words are in there). you may opt to journal a little or to journal a lot.

4. [b]pay attention, my dears, this is essential: set your timer to 1 hour before you sit down to create your layout.[b] work... nay, play... with gusto for the next 60 minutes. you need to complete your layout within 1 hour. only. don't worry, this doesn't include the time you spent taking photos or choosing what kit or items to work with on your layout. so make sure you've got your photo/s ready and your kit / papers / elements at hand before you turn the dial on the timer. (trust me, you'll LOVE it when you discover that you can actually scrap within an hour! i mean, think of the possibilities! lol )

So... I managed to fulfill all of the requirements except the 60-minute time frame part.  I was already partway through the assembly of my LO when I remembered I was supposed to set the timer -- but it probably wouldn't have made a difference, as I kept hopping up and down to do other things - laundry, putting clean sheets on the beds, taking the dog out, etc. 

Oh well.  Here's my LO --

I chose to use the theme of the challenge - "Today, Miracle" to show rebirth, which is represented in the budding and blooming of flowers and greenery throughout spring. I also chose to focus on spiritual "rebirth" through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Credits --

Purple & green papers: my own designs
Button Tag: Linda Roos, In the Making Design
Clipping Masks: Anna Aspnes, Designer Digitals, FotoBlendz 7
Fonts: Beyond Wonderland (Miracle); Garamond (text)
Photo: taken by me (4/29/10) & used a sketch technique by Anita (

~ klb

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Gladie said...

This is so beautiful, Kim!!!