Monday, April 26, 2010

New Class @ the Spraground!

"This Old Photo: Restoring Vintage Snapshots" is the newest class at and it began today (Monday, Apr 26). Because I live in Alaska, I get the lessons the night before those in the midwest and east coast do (and before those in other countries like the UK and Australia). Just one of the many perks of living where I do :)

So, Monday's lesson was about how to scan our vintage photos at the best possible size so the edits we make will go smoothly and look great. Tuesday's lesson is called "Global Restoration" and is about making some general edits that will apply to nearly every photo - straightening the scanned image if necessary and tweaking/adjusting the color, contrast and levels of lightness/darkness of the photo.

This is the result of using the global restoration technique on a scanned photo of my maternal grandmother. Really made a big difference, don't you think?!  This original photo was taken in the Phillipines sometime in 1947 or 48 when my grandmother was about 29 years old.

I can tell this is going to be a GREAT CLASS and look forward to all the neat tips and tricks we'll be learning in the next couple of weeks :)

~ klb


LindainNCtoo said...

I wish that I had signed up for it.

I have loads of old photos that need "fixing".

Looks like you are getting the hang of it already!!


kimB said...

So far, the steps are pretty simple and ones I've already been using on my photos... Do you have a Photoshop program, Linda?! If so, email me :)