Saturday, April 17, 2010

CT Update & 2 New LOs

Well, the CT call @ JessicaSprague closed the night of the 15th.  There are 583 entries for the judges to view and they will go public with the list of 20 winners on Monday the 19th!  I would guesstimate there are close to 200 members who entered this call -- Can you just imagine how difficult this will be for the judges?!  Certainly glad I'm not one of them :)  There were some absolutely stunning and creative responses in the gallery and I think every one who entered deserves a special recognition of some sort... Personally, I'm rooting for ALL of us!

Here are two new LOs I created in the past couple of days -- enjoy :)

"...Long in Love"

This LO was created as a token of appreciation for my sister-in-law Linda's kind and generous spirit.

Credits -
Background: my own design using brushes on a gray workspace; adjusted opacity and used blending modes

Word art: also my own; quote found @

Photo technique: by "Anita" and found at

Photo mask: my own design, using brushes by Anna Aspnes

Brushes: Anna Aspnes - Hipster Plumes & Edgers 3 -; - Sampled Brush 37

Hearts: Kitty Designs - Freshlicious EP2 -

Fonts: MA Sexy, Tempus Sans ITC, Desyrel, Fiolex Girls, You Are Loved, Century Gothic, CK_Ali's_Hand_Official

Photo of Linda and her granddaughter Trina, taken by me in June 2008

"7 Ways"

This one is for the current weekely challenge @  The name of the challenge is "You ROCK!" and has to be about ourselves; we are to share at least five ways we each rock our individual corner of the world.  This was not easy for me to do, as I really don't see myself as having much to offer. Photography and digital creativity were the first and only things that came to mind. The other things listed here came from the prompting of the Holy Spirit...

Credits -

Fonts: Parma-Petit Normal (journaling); MailartRubberstamp; Retro Rockstar (ROCK)

Brush: Anna Aspnes, Designer Digitals - Hipster Plumes Corners & Edgers 2

Stick Pin: Pattie Knox, Designer Digitals - Pin Its

~ klb

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