Monday, April 19, 2010

CT Winners Announced!

And I wasn't one of them...

BUT, I congratulate all who did make the team and want to express how proud I am of all of us who even entered this call.  It took a lot of courage for many of us, to step out of our comfort zones and put our heart & soul out in public for all to see and judge.  In my estimation, we are all winners for that very reason! 

I learned a few things as a result of this experience -- first of all, my not making the CT in no way negates the Lord's gift of creativity He has placed in me. I still have talent; I am still creative and my work still blesses others and brings glory to His Name.  Second, we have an AMAZING lot of talented members at the Jessica Sprague site -- I was blown away by the beauty of design, color and journaling in the LOs that were submitted.  And the photos -- don't get me started :)

Finally, I discovered that I really do enjoy keeping up this creative blog and hope that I will continue to be as diligent, now that it is not a "requirement" I need to meet.  Even if no one reads my blog - and I know there are at least three of you who do! - just being able to share my joy when I create a LO brings me even more joy :)  Silly, huh?!

Anyway - I want to share the lovely post that accompanied the winner list at the JS site - along with the names of the winners -- CONGRATULATIONS, everyone -- Ya done good!

~ klb
Written by Kristen Creech

Monday, 19 April 2010 18:40

I am so excited to announce the winners of our Creative Team Search! I'm sure each of you that has perused the jaw-dropping entries in the gallery know choosing would be no small feat. I must confess, I'm rocking a huge migraine right now. I am not simply trying to be kind (you know, the way you tell a mother her baby is beautiful, but on the inside you are thinking, "not so much"). These layouts and projects are amazing. I'm getting a little choked up here, but I was just moved by all the talent we have here in our community.

Now you can feel free to skip ahead to see who the winners are, but I feel I need to share a story. It's a very personal one and it's not one I speak of very often. So be gentle with me here. I love to sing. Always have. But I've always been too shy to sing in public. When I was in high school, I wanted nothing more than to join the school's group of singers. (Imagine Glee and you'll just about have it). It took every ounce of gumption and courage I had to muster, to get on that stage before the judges and perform. I couldn't sleep the night before the results were posted. My heart was in my chest as I walked up to see the list of the singers who made it. And my sweet little name, I'm sad to say was not on the list. I was heartbroken. My mom had to come and get me at school (and I had to get a Frosty to drown my sorrows in). And I have not sung since (the shower and car excepted). What's my point? Why should I have stopped singing just because I didn't make the team? I loved it. What I didn't understand then was, just because I didn't make it, didn't mean I didn't have talent. There was a set number of slots available and they were looking for specific types of singers for the type of songs they performed. And in all honesty, as hard as that experience was, I would have regretted not auditioning.

With that in mind, I want each of you who submitted an entry to understand, we literally could have chosen over 50 team members. Your work is that good. But we too have limited slots available, and we looked for members whose style would best highlight and showcase the work and style of our designers. So please know, just cause you're not singing in our choir, doesn't mean you don't have mad talent. Cause let me tell you sisters, you do.

Now, may I have a drum roll... Please join me in congratulating our newest JS Creative Team Members:

•Heather Prins

Woo Hoo! Thank you to each of you for having the courage to submit. And to anyone that had their heart broken, let's go get a Frosty. My treat.


Sarah said...

This is such a lovely post and so very true...every word. You ARE amazingly talented. I have been inspired by artwork on many occasions. God has given you many abilities...who knows how they will be used!
-Sarah (champsarahjoy)

kimB said...

Oh Sarah, your kind words bring tears to my GOD be the glory <3

Thanks you, my friend and congrats again on your making the team. You deserve to be there and I look forward to being inspired by YOU during this next year and beyond :)

Hugs & Blessings - k

LindainNCtoo said...


I hate that you ( and your sil ) did not get selected. {But} think of the world that has opened you up to to explore the endeavors that are ahead of you.

Good luck!!


kimB said...

Thanks, Linda, for your sweet and encouraging words <3 I actually have the same thought as you - the things I have already learned (and will learn in the future) have enabled me to go above and beyond anything I thought I could accomplish in the realm of photo-editing and digital scrapbooking.

I have given all of this to the Lord and look forward to the doors He will open and the ways in which He will have me use His gifts :)

Love you, Hon - k